Chaos Wars XVII 2013


Had a fantastic time at Belegarth’s annual Western event, Chaos Wars ! Chaos wars is a weeklong medieval camping event, full of swordfighting, parties, outfits, armor and really great people.

This year marks my eighth chaos, where did the time go ? I only took about 3,000 photos this year, and I was trying to take it easy ! (Down from around 4,000 last year.)   I think I used the 50mm f/1.8 more than any lens, it’s just so versatile, and especially handy in low light night events. I’m hoping to teach an “Event Photography 101” class there next year.

I did two portrait sessions onsite this year. A couples portrait shoot with Sluj & JessiKai, including armor, and a maternity session with Lyllith & Forkbeard.  Silver Bell Ranch is a gorgeous place to take photos, with features like old wooden fences, makeshift bridges, and big beautiful trees. Very excited to get those photos edited !

Highlights of the week include but are not limited to; seeing my 17 year old Son swordfight on a national battlefield, relaxing around camp with my wonderful Husband, sleeping in a tent, hanging out with fantastic people in a yurt, and jumping off the bridge into the river ! Oh, and being honored Saturday night at the Western Uruk Hai meeting ! I love you guys !

Monday night’s beer appreciation went swimmingly, many thanks to Jay & Lyllith for all their help, to the Western Uruk Hai for security, and to all the people who brought yummy beer and presented it themselves 😉

Thank you Juicer for running a fantastic Bardic Night, and thank you so much for having Lady Stoneheart as a judge 😉

Many congratulations to Valas for receiving this years Chaos Plate !!

I haven’t edited all the photos yet, but here are a few highlights;


For more information on Belegarth;


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